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Product Name: Air Circulating Cleaning Antiseptic and Anti-virus LED Panel

Disinfect LED panel Light,
Air Circulating and Cleaning LED Panel LIGHT
Antiseptic and Anti-Virus LED Panel LIGHT
New Nanometer Material Antiseptic and Anti-virus LED Panel Light
1.    Using LED innovative technology, Nanometer material diffusion plate for more active antiseptic and anti-virus
2.    With centrifugal industrial fan and containing Nanometer materials air filter screen, circulating indoor air, better for cleaning the air and reducing air particles.
3.    Air-cleaning led panel light can eliminate indoor formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene and TVOC concentration
4.    Simple installation method and occupying little space.
5.    Three kinds of antiseptic and antiviral mechanisms, offer you 24hs all-weather protection against bacteria and virus with/without light.
6.    All kinds of antivirus and antiviral tests have been passed.
7.    Not only save 80% energy to traditional Panels, but also provide you with a brighter, healthier and cleaner living environment
8.       No noise, no flickering. No UV or IR radiation in the beam, mercury free. No delay on start.
SGS Test Result:
1, Antiseptic test for disinfect LED panel light
24 hour antiseptic rate >99%                                          
2, Formaldehyde decomposition test for disinfect LED panel light
Decomposition and removal rate of formaldehyde reached 76.61% in an hour.
3,Shiny surface antiseptic test ((Nanometer material diffusion plate))
Removal rate of staphylococcus and
escherichia coli reaches 99%
It's very suitable for hospitals, kindergartens, schools, houses, supermarket, hotels, and other living places.

Disinfect LED panel light  Type:
Type 1:                         
Nanometer material diffusion plate
This LED panel light with Nanometer material diffusion plate, it also have antiseptic and anti-virus, air cleaning function, and the parameters are the same as our regular panel lights, (you can check our normal led panel light)
Type 2: DS-CL-0606-MPL
Nanometer material diffusion plate +
Centrifugal industrial fan +
Containing Nanometer materials air filter screen

Light Efficiency: 100lm/W
Luminous Flux: 4000Lm
Total Power: 65W
LED Panel: 40W
CRI: >80Ra
Extended Coating: TTA
Fan+ Violet LED: 25W
Frame: White
Input Voltage: AC220-240V / AC110V
Dimension: 598*598*120mm
Max Thickness: 134.7±2mm
Color Temperature: 3000-6000K
Working Temperature: -10~50°C
Long warranty:  3 years
CE& RoHS approved
Noise: <40dB
Nanometer Material
Cleaning the air, Reducing air particles
Active, antiseptic and anti-virus
Occupying little space
Eliminating indoor TVOC concentration,

Structural Description:
Air Circulating Filter Screen Description:
Action Principle for Antiseptic and Anti-viral Effect:
LED panel light surface antivirus and antiviral mechanism:
Test and Verification for Anti-viral Effect of New Nanometer Compound Material:
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