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The concept of waterproof levelIPX

                                                                         Time : 2010-10-28

The waterproof level of the electronic measuring instrument also shows the ability of the moistureproof and dustproof ,especially in some outdoor activities ,we cant avoid the high moisture and dustiness in the terrible environment .The instrumental seal and the waterproof ability are the key to making it work well and working for a long time. Therefore, international formulated IEC529 standard. In order to adapt to this, Japan industrial standards devides the waterproof into 10 grades ,such as IPX1IPX2 etc. Below are the meaning for grades: Unprotect Prevent drops I: Vertical falling drops have no harmful effection Prevent dropsII: the drops drip in 15 angle by vertical falling which have no harmful effection Prevent rain drops:it rains in 60 angle by vertical falling which have no harmful effection Prevent splash:No harmful effection from the drops of the any direction Prevent spray:No harmful effection from the drops sprayment of the any direction Water resistant:the drops which from any direction wont go inside Prevent leaching:it wont go inside while leaching into the water under the specified requirments In water:it can work even through leaching into the water in a long time Moistureproof:it still can work when the humidity over 90 precent

The international industrial  standard  registered IP  grade and issued some provisions

dustproof level (the first X means)

Unprotect Prevent large solid invades  Prevent medium size solid invades Prevent small solide invades Prevent the solid which over 1mm invades Prevent harmful dust accumulate Prevent dust invades fully

Ipxx Moistureproof & waterproof level

Unprotect No effection when drops drip the shell When the shell is in 15 angle ,there is no effection when the drops drip the shell Water and rain drip the shell by 60 Angle ,no effection Liquid pour from any direction on the shell ,no effection Wash it ,no effection Available for the inside cabin Available for leaching in a short time (1m) Available for under certain pressure in water for a long time

For example: scales or display devices meter shows IP65, means the product can  prevent the damage from dust and washing exactly

IPXX    grade about the formulation of the waterproof experiment


Name : Vertical drop experiment

Equipment: drop experiment

The setting of the sample : put it on the 1r/min rotating sample table ,put water into the top of the it ,the distance of the water mouth  is not more than 200mm

Conditions: Drops 10.5m/min        



Name: tilting 15 angle drop

Equipment: drop experiment

The setting of the sample:let the side of the sample and the Vertical line turns to 15 Angle ,the top and water mouth wont more than 200m,after finished one side ,turn to another ,4 times

Conditions:Drops 30.5m/min



Name: Drench water

a.Put tubular Drench water

Equipment: Put tubular drench water equipment

The setting of the sample:choose suitable radius tubular,make the sample table higher than the location the diameter of the tubular,put the sample on the sample table .

Conditions:the flow caculated by the quantities of the blowholes,each hole is 0.07/min,the centre of the tubular is 60Angle each when drenching water, the water  from the tubular in the three-arc-sect  as same as sample , put the tested sample into the centre of the Half circle,tubular swings 60 angle following the vertical line,120 angle together ,each swing (2*120 angle)about 4s

Time:keep drenching 10 min

b. Nozzle type drench water

Equipmenst: hand-held drensh and Splash water parallel

The setting of the sample: let the top of the sample table and nozzle paralleled at 300 to 500mm

Conditions:when u experimenting u need set up an  Blocking objects board,the flow is 10/min

Time:caculated by the surface of the surface of the sample shell, each Square meters  is 1 min (not including Installation area,at least 5 min


Name: Splash water experiment

a.put tubular splash water

Equipment:as same as IPX3 a

The setting of the sample: as same as IPX3 a

Conditions:all same ,expect follow-up requirement ,the area of splash water and centre of tubular all 90 angle each , the water of the watermouth in the three-arc-sect as same as sample,the tubular swings following the vertical line 180 angle,together 360 angle,each swing ( 2360)about 12s

Time:as same as IPX3 a (10min)


Name:Slpash water

Equipment: the diameter of the watermouth is 6.3mm

Conditions:the distance between diameter of the watermouth and the sample about 2.5m-3m,the flow is 12.5/min(750LH)

Time:caculated by surface of the shell  ,each square meter is 1 min(not including installed area ),at least 3 min


Name:strong splash water

Equipment:the diameter of the watermouth is 12.5mm

Conditions:the distance of the sample and the watermouth is 2.5mm-3mm,the flow is 100 L/min ( 6000 L/h )

Time:caculated by the surface of the shell , each square meter is 1 min(not including installed area ),at least 3 min


Name:short-time leaching

Equipments and conditions:leaching case , after put the sample into it (the distance between the bottom of the sample and water should be 1m),the distance between the top of the sample and water should be 0.15m



Name:contious diving

Equipments , conditions and time: depend on supplier,the harsh degree is higher than

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